Renksan Boya
Renksan Boya

Human resource politics: positioning employees their based department with the customer-oriented approach, choosing high potential employees, providing applications with the rotation development at diverse business activities, evaluating employees performance with performance management system, planning carier and designation, maintain is long-term cooperation with our employees.

Each time, respondent to new ideas, creative, reliable, contemporary applied human resource policies with quality time and sharing information stick to ethics rules and confidence-inspiring vision and mission.


Renksan ltd company is a leading organization in the paint sector, create each options for employees personal and professional evolution. Human resources mission that Renksan ltd company in the field of paint sector for highly qualified employees to ensure that the most preferred company.


Create an exciting and proud work place to employees,provide employees continuity of satisfaction that  the most important factor in the constantly success of company. Renksan ltd company is customer-oriented, socially responsible and has ethical values, company always aim earn more and improve information, experience and perfection of staff, obtaining high performance from employees, being the most preferred company in the health sector and to protect this position.

Renksan Boya