Renksan Boya

Renksan paint facility has advanced technology, automotion and high capacity in indurstrial paint production and determine differentiate as main principle in this sector.

As an industrial paint Renksan brand continuous activities in sector. Renksan ltd. company aims to ensure customer satisfaction and resource for improve sector with wide product options and technical support activities. In addition Renksan ltd company regularly continuous resourcing new product development for market demand, staff instructions, system presentations with the help of advanced R&G activities.

Product groups we serve;

• Steel doors(bridges, chemical facilities, santrals)
• Agricultural vehicles, trucks
• Piping system& storage tanks (drinking water pipes and tanks)
• Train wagons
• Refrigerator evaporators, panel radiators
• Marine containers
• Substations
• Vehicle filters
• Barrels, drums, LPG cylinders
• Metal & wood furniture

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Renksan Boya